Client Testimonial

Ujjwal Prasad
Property Manager (South) – Property Services
Royal Bank of Scotland

The operational cost in order to manage and bring our staff from the heart of the city or from the various catchment areas, gets compensated or neutralized from the cost of operation, in the form of buildings which are located in the center of the city. One of the factors which was quite prominent for this particular building was the design and stability of its floor plates which has been very much as per our requirement and standard, with lot of safety mechanism around in order to manage this building. It’s been 3 years for us working from this particular premises and recently we renewed our lease agreement also and that shows how much we are keen in order to operate from this location.

Raja Rajasekar
Manager – HR
KONE Elevators

It’s a place where we find it very secured, which is one very important reason. Secondly, it is a gold-rated green building and; this has given a lot of confidence to our stakeholders. Besides this, we have a very friendly environment, the facility support what we have been receiving is extremely good and when it comes to emergency preparedness I know several instances when they do a mock drill, which is very important from the point of view of employee’s safety. Besides this, we have this food court; I would say that it’s very affordable and value for money.

When we decided to make a move, we did have a few options in and around Chennai. OMR was one of the options. We were looking at few premises out of Gundy. Location wise and price wise we felt that Ambattur was much better. After we moved into Ambattur, we did realize this is one place where the man power availability for BPO is available in abundance. Facilities inside the park are awesome. We have got clear-marked car parking area and friendly security personnel. We are pretty proud to show off our office to all our visiting delegates, even international delegates.